Development Workouts

Charlottesville, VA

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30
Charlottesville HS
(March - June)
Starting TBA

Lynchburg, VA

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30
Rustburg HS
(March - June)
Starting TBA

Richmond, VA

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30
Midlothian MS
(March - June)
Starting TBA

Rochester, NY

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30
(March - June)

Serious players in grades 6-11 are invited to attend. Workouts are free. Click here for directions.

Did You Know?

East Coast Fusion has already helped save players and their families over $10,200,000 in college expenses? Become the next player to earn a scholarship!

Fusion Coaches

East Coast Fusion could not exist if it wasn't for the dedication and passion of the staff surrounding the program. These coaches take time out of their busy lives to work with these young players and help them achieve their goals. Most of these coaches put in extra time with players on the court and/or communicating on the phone or through email during the off-season with advice and encouragement on their careers.

Cade Lemcke, Director

Cade Lemcke - Program Director, U17 Head Coach (Virginia)

Coach Lemcke started the East Coast Fusion program back in 2004. As a player, he won a state championship and was an all-state selection at McQuaid Jesuit HS in Rochester, NY. He also played college basketball at the University of Virginia under Coach Pete Gillen. He was an assistant coach at McQuaid Jesuit HS from 2000 - 2003. Coach has worked with 26 players who have gone on to play Division I basketball in the Big East, ACC, Big 10 and other conferences. He also is the director of the Radar Report - Basketball Scouting Service. Coach Lemcke resides in Charlottesville with his wife, Karen, and their two children; Cohen (4) and Mikella (2).

Joe Tisa, Rochester Director

Joe Tisa - Rochester Director, U17 Head Coach (New York)

Mike Schafer, Virginia Director

Mike Schafer - Virginia Director, U13 Head Coach (Virginia)

Justin Dalton

Justin Dalton - U17 (Blue) Head Coach (Virginia)

Dave Shoniker

Dave Shoniker - U16 Head Coach (New York)

Clark Walker

Clark Walker - U16 Head Coach (Virginia)

Bill Ruback

Bill Ruback - U15 Head Coach (New York)

Tladi Conway

Tladi Conway - U15 Head Coach (Virginia)

Scottie Arlington

Scottie Arlington - U14 Head Coach (New York)

Pete Goergen

Pete Goergen - U14 Head Coach (Virginia)


TBD - U13 Head Coach (New York)

Tommy Landseadel

Tommy Landseadel - U17 Assistant Coach (Virginia)

JC Toe

Joseph Toe - U17 Assistant Coach (Virginia)

Mike Mentesena

Mike Mentesena - U17 Assistant Coach (New York)

Mike Baudinet

Mike Baudinet - U16 Assistant Coach (Virginia)

Jason 'J-Mac' McElwain

Jason McElwain - U16 Assistant Coach (New York)

Andy Jones

Andy Jones - Instructor (Virginia)

Joe Sellers

Joe Sellers - Instructor (Virginia)

James Dagenhart

James Dagenhart - Instructor (Virginia)

Damin Altizer

Damin Altizer - Instructor (Virginia)

Robb Delisanti

Robb Delisanti - Instructor (New York)

Tyler Relph

Tyler Relph - Instructor (New York)

Taurean Uthman

Taurean Uthman - Instructor (New York)

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